It can be said that there is no industrial sector which does not need specific water: process water, intended to optimize and standardize the product’s characteristics and keep machinery in good working order, and utility water, for boilers, air-conditioning, etc.


The sectors where specific treatment of the process water is especially important include the power plants, food, textiles, electronics and chemicals production.

In most industrial companies, specific treatment of the process water does not represent a general improvement in production conditions but is a real production “must”: without the right water, the characteristics of many products fail to meet requirements, and in many cases the quality of output is clearly unacceptable.

The most prestigious brands at a world level use Culligan technology to obtain an impeccable, constant quality standard in all their production facilities: soft drinks, fruit juices, liquors, canned foods, but also microchips, automobiles, fabrics, paints, pharmaceuticals and chemicals: the water treated by Culligan always guarantees constant excellent results.

What’s more every kind of industrial concern benefit from appropriate treatment of the utility water: if suitably treated, hot and cold water for cloakrooms, and water for making steam or for air-conditioning, provides greater convenience, considerable savings on running costs and longer, trouble-free operation of appliances and systems. The Culligan policy in the industrial sector involves the personalized analysis of each case, in order to deal with the specific problem together with the customer and offer the best solution from every point of view.