Hospitality and Marine

Water is used everywhere in a hotel – for cooking, drinking, heating/cooling, bathing and laundry. So, the quality of the water running through your property can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of your guests and staff as well as your operating costs. Yet often the management of the water systems is fragmented and left to multiple suppliers and service providers, making management complex and time consuming.

The hotel room is the place where most customers will decide whether they will use your hotel or not in the future. Your customers will drink from your glasses, put ice in their drinks from the ice machines in the corridors, and wash with the water in the bathrooms. So it must look good, feel good, taste great and be hygienic.

As well as whole-hotel water treatment systems Culligan also provide a range of point-of-use solutions such as cartridge filters, and shower head and faucet mounted filters.


Over 20 years experience in water treatment for marine and cruise ships

In 1990, following a growing demand for high quality, reliable systems for water treatment on cruise ships the Culligan Marine division was established.

Culligan water treatment systems for marine and cruise ships are now the byword for reliability, safety, and above all clean, pure water.

Today Culligan is the preferred supplier for water treatment equipment on many of the most prestigious cruise lines around the world.

With systems installed on over 80 cruise ships Culligan have extensive experience in installing water treatment systems for new build ships, providing retrofitting services for when a ship is in dry dock, and servicing equipment whilst in normal operation.

Culligan understands how important safe, ongoing operations are for our marine clients and has dedicated teams of Marine Service Application Engineers available from our European headquarters in Italy and in our USA Marine Division offices in Miami to provide specialized assistance where required. Culligan also hold all required spare parts and materials in stock in both locations to help minimize any unplanned downtime.