Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

In the Medical field, over the decades Culligan has built up a solid reputation for the quality and reliability of its equipment for the treatment of water for hemodialysis.


Medical Sector

During a hemodialysis session, the patient’s blood encounters 150 liters of water, used to carry the dialysis solution. In these circumstances, it is easy to appreciate the importance of the purity of the water, the constancy of its quality and the reliability of the equipment.

In the early ‘70s, Culligan was among the first water treatment companies to apply the Reverse Osmosis technology to the hemodialysis sector. The vast experience acquired since then, ceaseless research and a full technical Service network make Culligan an especially reliable partner in this very sensitive sector, where the patients’ lives and wellbeing are at stake. In the medical-analysis sector Culligan offers a range of compact water treatment systems at the service of the latest-generation automatic analyzers.

Pharmaceutical Sector

Drawing on its subsidiary USF PONZINI, Culligan has included in its range devices specifically designed to respond to the requirements of industrial concerns in the pharmaceutical sector. The specific range includes distillers, pure steam generators, heat exchangers and continuous deionizers. All USF PONZINI devices are constructed in compliance with the quality standards imposed by the USP 24 and FDA norms, and by the European norms to which they refer, and meet the requirements for approval by the Certifier Bodies. USF PONZINI is also able to design and construct all treatments to produce PW-WFI using the systems and process stipulated by FDA/USO 24.