Municipal Water Treatment Plants, 164.000 m3Jday Las Gdanski, POLAND

Reda, Jezewo, Radom Slawno, Ostroleka, Las Gdanski, Piotrow Kujawski, Eblag and Stalowa Wola are Polish cities around the country.

There are various types of water sources, which have problems of high turbidity, ammonia, iron and manganese content.

The quality of water supplied to the cities showed high values outside the normal range in terms of turbidity and colour, iron, ammonia and manganese and required treatment plants that could reduce these elements to meet legal limits.

The waterworks authorities of the Poland awarded Culligan for building water treatment plants that could solve the problems of the 8 cities between 2000 and 2009.

Water treatment plants, however, was rather complex due to these critical water values.

In addition, highly energy-efficient technologies were installed, which are fully automatic and monitored by central control systems.

With these treatment plants, all parameters outside the normal range were brought down to the levels required (Turbidity 0 – Colour 10 -Ammonia< 0.5- Iron < 0.05 – Manganese< 0.02) and, through pumping stations, pure water was fed into the networks and then supplied to the cities and the local waterworks.