With over 3 million population, lzmir is one of the largest cities in west of Turkey. Main water source are the wells located Muratli Area about 40 km east of the city. All underground waters contains high Arsenic content in the area, which is over 80 ppb. Because of Turkey’s very rich agricultural production region regulations never accepts any waste water disposal to the rivers and canals in the area. Project designed not only for removal the high content of arsenic, but building a wastewater treatment plant and make ready to burn the toxic arsenic as dried pallets. Since Culligan has a great experience for removing arsenic from drinking water sources in Europe, after the great competition, Culligan has awarded for the project

by IZSU in 2008. Plant inaugurated in 2009.

Raw Water Arsenic Content >80ppb

WHO required arsenic content <10ppb

Culligan Achieved Results 3-6ppb