Culligan Containerized Water Treatment Units For Challenging Environments

Culligan’s water treatment systems can be installed into containers to create

self-contained water treatment systems. Thanks to Culligan’s modular equipment designs entire water treatment systems can be installed that are tailored to your feed water parameters.

Culligan Container Systems are ideal for:

  • Water treatment for drinking water in remote locations where municipal supplies are not available. Up to 20.000 population.
  • Providing drinking water and sanitization for camps of workers building large industrial
  • Emergency response in areas hit by natural disasters where the water network

has been damaged

  • Army Camps
  • Mobile drinking water units for Refugee Camps, Red Cross and other institutions
  • Temporary water treatment during plant shutdowns or emergency repairs
  • Wastewater treatment systems for small communities, hospitals, hotels, commercial complexes,
  • Industrial process water treatment plants

Culligan Containerized Water Treatment Units can be designed for any raw water sources such as:

  • River
  • Dam
  • Lake
  • Sea
  • Underground water
  • Storm water

Custom Engineered Solutions

Skid Mounted

CULLIGAN Containerized Units can be powered by integrated diesel generators.