Water Hygiene Services: Trust the water experts to keep your water systems safe

In more and more countries around the world, governments are taking water hygiene seriously and bringing it into their health and safety legislative control. The most obvious example of this is in the case of Legionella management, where outbreaks can have fatal results for people in hospitals, hotels and office buildings.

Where to start? There are a bewildering number of different ways to minimise risk and legislative requirements differ widely from country to country. At Culligan, water is our business, and with a presence in 90 countries worldwide we understand local requirements and all of the best available technologies available to ensure that all of your water systems are safe from Legionella and other water hygiene issues and your management system is fully compliant.

We can tailor our service to precisely meet your needs and availability of your own resources – from preparation of water safety plans, including system surveys and risk assessments to routine sampling, testing, cleaning, disinfection and record keeping to training and consultancy. We have the widest range of disinfection systems and chemistries available and offer impartial advice on the most appropriate systems and how they should be installed and operated to achieve the best results.

Culligan Water Hygiene Services Include:

  • Water Safety Plans including Site surveys and Risk Assessments.
  • Log book preparation and management.
  • Routine treatment, monitoring, water sampling and testing of tanks, water outlets, cooling towers, showers, water features, pools and spas.
  • Routine and remedial tank cleaning and water system disinfection.
  • A wide range of water treatment chemistries and systems to ensure that water is safe at all times.
  • Training and advisory service to help you make the right decisions for your company or organisation.

Find out how Culligan can help you manage your water hygiene risks