Culligan and Tetra Pack: working together for the future of our planet

The world population is due to triple over the course of the twenty-first century, with water consumption increasing to six times its current level as a result. A water shortage will affect the entire Food & Beverage industry, in both economic and social terms.

Tetra Pak, a Swedish manufacturer of food packaging systems, asked Culligan to devise a customised solution capable of reducing the amount of water used in its manufacturing process. The water, used for cooling by Tetra Pak filling machines during the package filling phase, was previously dispensed continuously (10-30 l/min for each machine) at high temperatures (50°), and contained high levels of hydrogen peroxide, oil and grease. Water Filtering Station (WFS), the system designed by Culligan, is capable of reusing the water rejected by the filling machines, recovering 95% to 100% of the dispensed water (a volume of 22 million litres every year). WFS can also remove up to 100 ppm of oil and 10,000 ppm of hydrogen peroxide.
The systems, created with various mechanical and active carbon filtration stages, have an automatic control feature which is capable of interfacing with the filling machines.

Water Filtering Station, developed over 3 years with 1 field test year, is the system which helps to save water and safeguard the environment.

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